Today’s modern world doesn’t see bathrooms merely as a room with running water, used for washing and bathing. A modern bathroom is a place for daily routine activities, where most of us also relax and gain new energy for the following day in this fast-paced life of ours.

Waterloo koupelny help customers achieve their dream bathroom with their desired atmosphere, focusing on functionality and making the main design details stand out. Our aim is to meet our customers’ needs and maximise their use of the bathroom. 

Carefully selected manufacturers ensure the good quality of our products.

Trends in Tile Design

Every year, tile manufacturers introduce new trends, which we regularly take note of at European and world trade fairs. This helps us increase our knowledge of this range of products. Despite the innovative and trendy designs and the various colour combinations, natural colour shades are still highly popular. We are able to combine colours, such as grey, brown or white, with other accessories to transform a bathroom into a stunning space for relaxing.

Trends in Sanitary Ceramics

The right choice of the sanitary ceramics is crucial for the final appearance of the bathroom or toilet. White continues to be the dominant colour of sanitary ceramics as it represents beauty and cleanliness. However, the WATERLOO koupelny product range also includes various colour combinations. A popular option is the so-called bi-colour combination, which combines white with platinum, black, gold, copper or the RAL colours.

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